Registration and enrolment for study programmes are organised differently, according to whether the course is:

  • open access
  • local-regulated access
  • national-regulated access

If you wish to enrol on a local-regulated number or national-regulated programme, refer to the Admissions menu.

If you wish to enrol in the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences program or Biotechnology program, you will have to enrol from September 16, 2024 to September 26, 2024 in the same way as for open access courses.

If you wish to enrol on an open access course, follow the instructions on this page.

The procedure will be active from 15 July 2024 to 18 October 2024.

The application must be completed online on the Student Portal.

If your course offers the option, your application form must state whether you are choosing a full time or part time study regime.

If you have an English Language Certificate, please refer to the indications regarding possible recognition on the page English language test 

After completing the application form, you need to pay the first instalment to confirm registration.

At the end of the process, you can save or print the enrolment form and receipt of payment. Keep this documentation in a safe place as you may be required to present it to the university at a later date – you do not need to deliver or send it unless asked to do so.

Once the online enrolment procedure is complete, you will receive an email (to the email address you provided during registration) with your student identity number. From that moment onward, to access the Student Portal you must use the username studentnumber@studenti.uniupo.it; the email should generally arrive within a few hours. If you exit the procedure before completing all steps (i.e. before you are assigned a student number), the username to regain access to the portal is name.surname (the name with which you registered) @esterni.uniupo.it.

Your student number is also needed to access your university email account studentnumber@ studenti.uniupo.it, which you must activate as soon as possible – all subsequent communications with students are sent to the Uniupo email account. Your personal email account will only be used in the event that you need to recover lost credentials for the university account. To activate this account, simply follow the instructions for Email account

When you have activated your email account, you will need to use the same login details for all online services, including the Student Portal.

From 19 October 2024 until 20 December 2024, you can request late enrolment. In this event, you must:

  1. Register on the Student Portal.
  2. Present your application to the Student Services Office, for approval from the Department Head (using the UPOrisponde service)
  3. Once you receive approval from the Office, you must pay the late penalty fee and first instalment of fees.

Consult the Department website of your degree programme for specific information on the timetable for lessons.


Enrolment in the first year of Open Access Master's degree courses

Applications for enrolment in open access master's degree courses must be completed online on the Student Portal during the following periods

  • from 15 July 2024 to 18 October 2024 for the entire academic year;
  • from 27 January 2025 to 04 April 2025 for the second academic period only.

The application must indicate the full-time or part-time commitment regime, if envisaged for the chosen course. Once you have completed the application, you only need to pay the first instalment to finalise your enrolment. You must keep the file or printout of the enrolment application and the payment receipt. This documentation may be requested for later checks.

Please note - For those enrolling for the full academic year, it is also possible to enrol late from 18 October 2024 until 20 December 2024.

In this case you must:

  • register on the Student Portal
  • submit an application to the Student secretariat of your pole of reference in order to obtain the favourable opinion of the Director of the Department;
  • once they have received the favourable opinion from the Student secretariat of their pole of reference, pay the late payment fee and the first instalment of fees.

You do not pay the late payment indemnity if your admission qualification is obtained after 11 October 2024. It is not possible to register late after 04 April 2025. For those who only enrol in the second teaching period, no indemnity for late payment is applicable.