Research Fellowships

Research fellowships enable continued research activity in the university departments. They consist in collaboration on research activity and are granted with a private law contract established by a public selection process, which may last from one to three years and is subject to renewal (for a total of six years maximum from moment of Call to end of any renewals).

Who may participate?

You can participate in the selection process for a research fellowship if you hold a degree from the old Italian university system, a single cycle degree, or a Master’s degree, and hold an academic curriculum vitae that is suited to research.

The selection process will give preference to PhD graduates (or equivalent qualifications from abroad) and specialisation in medical fields backed by appropriate academic output.

You may participate if you are an international candidate holding equivalent qualifications or an appropriate academic curriculum for the type of research activity in question.

The fellowship is not compatible with participation in degree, Master’s or specialisation degrees, PhD research grant programmes or medical specialisations in Italy or abroad. If you are a public administration employee, you will be placed on unpaid leave of absence for the entire duration of the contract.

To apply, consult the Guidelines for applications in the attached literature.

To enrol for the selection procedure, visit the page:

Iscriviti alla Selezione (Submit the application)

For more information, you can contact Fiorella Croce of the section ‘Settore Ricerca / Dottorati e assegni di ricerca’:
e mail:  tel: 0161/261593 fax: 0161/211369