Study plans and Degree options

Study Plan

With the exception of degree programmes in the School of Medicine, all students must present a Study Plan at the beginning of each course year.

To present your Study Plan, you must be enrolled in the current academic year and have received your definitive Student ID number.

To complete your study plan, visit and follow the instructions on the Study Plans page.

Please read the following guidelines carefully and the instructions for online completion of the study plan: remember that, in order for the Study Plan to be correctly submitted, you must click on CONFIRM PLAN when you have finished filling in the details. We recommend that you print and keep a copy of your Study Plan.


Who can submit a Study Plan online?

The following individuals can submit their Study Plan online:

  • Students enrolled on undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes (also Single Cycle Masters) within the deadline established by each Department (available for reference on the webpages listed at the bottom of this page)
  • Students already enrolled and waiting for Official Registration of exam results. The Student Services Office will ensure that any necessary modifications/additions to your Student Record is then made

Students enrolled on a Master’s programme subject to conditions may submit their Study Plan only after completing the undergraduate degree and finalising their enrolment on the subsequent course.

First-year students who wish to change their choice of programme must first contact the Student Services Office before completing the online Study Plan.


Who cannot submit the Study Plan online?

The following individuals cannot submit study plans online:

  • Students registered at the university before academic year 2017/2018
  • Students who intend to submit a personalised Study Plan
  • Students who wish to change a personalised Study Plan already submitted in previous years
  • Students in second year onwards who wish to change their choice of degree programme

Students who are enrolling to repeat a year must refer to their Department’s Student Services Office – this includes students who:

  • have not collected their entire number of Additional Educational Requirements in the first year within the date established by the Degree Programme Regulations
  • have not satisfied the learning requirements established by the Board of Studies
  • do not possess the appropriate attendance certificates for courses with compulsory attendance

Elective Exams

Students may opt to do elective courses from undergraduate and Masters programmes, according to the regulations of their own Department and the Course Registration rules.

Please note that you cannot choose course content already included in your standard Study Plan, unless stated otherwise by your Department/Course Regulations.

Additional Exams

To include additional exams in your Study Plan, in compliance with your Course Regulations, visit or contact the Student Services Office, unless you find the Additional Exam option included in your online Study Plan. In the event of additional exams, the Study Plan is considered to be a personalised plan and thus subject to the payment of stamp duty (if applicable) for your whole programme.

Stamp Duty Payment

Stamp Duty must be paid on personalised Study Plans submitted online for the entire study programme, and for any changes to previous Study Plans unless the student falls into the category of statutory framework defined in the Teaching Regulations of the original department.


Final exam

The undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes end with the final exam, a “viva” (oral presentation and defense) of the research study (thesis) agreed with a teacher who acts as supervisor. This process works in different ways according to the Department concerned – check your department website for more specific information about the thesis.

To be eligible for the final exam, you must have passed all the other exams included as part of your programme, and be up-to-date with all university fees/payments.