Forms for Students

Here you can download PDFs of all the forms that you will need during your university studies.


You can download all self-certification forms from the  Student Portal (Section  "Administration - Certificates"). The forms available for download include:

  • Self-declaration regarding years of enrolment
  • Self-declaration of registration and exams
  • Self-declaration of Degree with exams
  • Self-declaration of Fees per calendar year
  • Self-declaration for professional licensing.

Reimbursements, exemptions, reductions


University progress


Forfeiture of right to study, suspension, expiry


Transfers and changes


Certificates, self-declarations, substitute statements



  • In this section you will be able to access the compilation of the editable form for filing your bachelor's or master's thesis title. Upon completion, you will receive a copy in your institutional mail to send as a signature to the thesis advisor (possibly in digital mode) who will in turn send it to you so that you can attach it to your graduation application. Creation time varies from 10 to 15 minutes. To fill out the form click here (


Other forms