Course Changes

You can submit a request to change your current degree programme with another one within the UPO University (open access courses only) between 15 July 2024 and 31 October 2024.

In order to proceed you have to fill in the following online format together with the request of recognition of previous credits

Upon receipt by the student secretariat, a €16.00 revenue stamp will be generated in the Student Portal and the request will be evaluated by the competent teaching body.

At the end of the evaluation, the student secretariat will upload the transfer resolution on the Student Portal and you will be notified via email.

Please go through the detailed procedures to follow on the Charter of Services

If you want to switch to a national restricted-access study programme, you must also request the authorization from the Student Secretariat of the destination program (see table at the bottom of the page).

If you want to switch to a local restricted-access study program (Pharmacy, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology), you must refer to the respective notices published on the websites of the Departments concerned.

At the end of the upload of the transfer decision by the Student Secretariat, you will be notified by email. Within twenty days you will have to regularize any pending installments, without the application of the late payment. In absence of regularization within this period, the passage will be returned to the institution of origin.

If you request a transfer to an open access course, which in previous year sforesaw limited access, the application can be accepted once the availability of places is verified.

Changes in class, curriculum and educational hub are subject to the same procedures and deadlines as the internal transfer and you must present the request to the Secretariat of the relative educational hub.

For transfers to and from other universities, please refer to the side menu options.