You can support the University and its research activity in many ways.

Donating 5‰

You can allocate 5% of your annual income tax (IRPEF) to UPO. This will help support students and young researchers. Simply complete and sign the appropriate form in your tax declaration.

The donation

If you wish to contribute a sum of your choice to UPO, you can inform the University of your intention in a letter, which will then be accepted by the Universtiy. If the donation is large, we will arrange a notarial deed. You can contact the Rector directly at:

A legacy

In your will, you can leave some goods, property or not, to UPO while also indicating the precise objective you wish them to be used for. You can contact the Rector directly at:

Testamentary bequests

You can nominate UPO in your will as your sole heir; the bequest can be unrestricted (the University can decide what use to make of the gift for institutional purposes) or restricted (to be used for a goal that you yourself choose). You can contact the Rector directly at:


You can associate your image to that of UPO through sponsorship, to support institutional or cultural initiatives. The gift may be economic, technical or a combination of the two. You can contact the Rector directly at:

Bibliographic bequests

You can become a donator by leaving our university library system your own private collection or single books/volumes that the library does not already own. To find out how, consult the Regulations for donations and bequests of bibliographic material.

Supporting UPO ALUMNI

UPO ALUMNI is the association of UPO graduates which contributes to strengthening the visibility and prestige of the University with support in promotional campaigns, participation in institutional events, and bringing together graduates with the world of work. You can contact the association directly by writing to: