Third Mission in the University

We have been committed to pursuing the Third Mission objectives since its appearance in the Italian university lexicon, in the first decade of this century, adapting the activities in a strategic manner as the Ministry and Anvur proceeded in defining the topic.

Today, Third Mission means the set of activities with which the University enhances knowledge by interacting directly with society and promotes its development through the transformation and circulation of knowledge produced mainly through research activity.

It is, therefore, an institutional responsibility to which we respond according to our own characteristics, with the aim of generating an impact, that is, a change, an improvement for the economy, society, culture, health, the environment, the fight against inequalities. We try to improve the quality of life, first of all in our local area, and then on a national and international scale.

Our University Strategic Plan 2019-24 adopts Third Mission activities as a pillar that characterises the general mission; theyare promoted among the five strategic lines, with related objectives and indicators. Their overall coherence is ensured by a specific Integrated Plan (2019-21; 2022-24).

We have equipped ourselves with Guidelines for quality assurance and a Portal to plan, implement and monitor initiatives, which today Anvur groups into different themes with related fields of action:

  • public engagement
  • technology transfer
  • life and health sciences
  • production and management of public assets (including continuous learning and social innovation)
  • sustainability and inclusion

Working from a policy and strategy perpective are:

  • a Rector's Thid Mission Delegate (Prof. Francesca Boccafoschi)
  • the University Third Mission Committee
  • the Departmental Third Mission Committee

At an organisational and operational level, Third Mission activities are managed by:

  • Research and Development Division
  • Staff Development and quality of higher education educational projects and international mobility
  • Rector’s Staff and Communications Team (Events, Orientation and Public Engagement Office)
  • Data Mining and Management Office (data analysis and upgrade procedures)
  • ‘Green’ Office (sustainability topics)

A Patents Regulation, currently being updated, and a Spin-offs Regulation are also available.

Each Department independently carries out Third Mission activities, through a Committee and a Third Mission Quality Manager. At each campus, there are figures supporting the Third Mission.