IT and online services of the Library

The University Library System offers students, teachers and technical-administrative staff a Digital Library Service consisting of:

  • databanks
  • e-journals
  • ebooks
  • catalogues
  • indexes and archives

For more information on available resources and methods of access, see:

BiblioUPO, is the online collective catalogue that allows users to access books, periodicals and other reading material from our University Libraries and others in the UPO hub (e.g. the civic library of Novara).

You can search for documents using the title, author, subject, editor, etc. Each catalogue index contains all the information linked to the document, including the library location and a map on how to reach it, whether the book is available or on loan and when it will be returned.

You can have a MyBiblio account, accessible using the University login details, to keep tab of your loans, make a request, book, extend a loan, check the catalogue and save your search histories, etc.

The catalogue can also be consulted using App BiblioUPO which allows access to the following services: finding a book or other materials, with a text search or quickly using the barcode, looking for ebooks, finding out the availability of documents, request a book or extend loans, and much more.