Withdrawal, suspension and other academic career events


During your studies, you may find yourself in particular situations whereby you need to change your student status and, as a result, your fee status. This section explains the cases which you may encounter and what to do.



You may withdraw from your studies at any time, if you are up-to-date with your fees payment. The date of withdrawal is established as the date of payment of the virtual stamp duty. Withdrawal is irrevocable.

You must submit the form of withdrawal from studies via the Student Portal (University records – application to end studies) and complete all steps in the procedure. You can verify the status of your request right up to the definitive closure of your student status. After presenting the request, you will be charged the mandatory virtual stamp duty of € 16 (payment of the stamp duty is binding for acceptance of the application)..

Before submitting the request, three factors need to be checked:

  1. Payment status for years in which you were registered on the course (in the event that some instalments still need to be paid, you must settle these payments before requesting withdrawal from studies). Individuals who withdraw after 31 March 2024 must pay both the second and third instalment of university fees.
  2. Any exams taken must be officially recorded before presenting the application to withdraw.
  3. If you have not passed any exams or renewed your registration in the last few years, check that you are not actually subject to forfeiture. Refer to the previous paragraphs of this page.



Forfeiture applies in these cases:

  1. you have not re-enrolled for a number of years equal to the normal duration of the course
  2. you have regularly re-enrolled for the duration of the course but have not passed any exams with credits or final evaluations with credits in a number of years equal to the normal duration of the course.
  3. You are registered simultaneously on two or more courses at the same or different universities as this situation (L.33/2022)

Forfeiture does not apply when all exams for credit have been passed, with only the final exam remaining.

In the event that forfeiture is ascertained, the University may reimburse any paid fees which were not due, exclusively for the academic year in progress when the situation occurs.

In this event, you should send the form “Declaration of forfeiture – new system (mod. 014b) to the Student Services Office. You can download the form from the page Forms for students, in the section Withdrawal, suspension, forfeiture 

Forfeiture in old system (pre-reform 509/1999)

You are subject to forfeiture in the event that you have not re-enrolled on your study programme for eight years or if you have regularly renewed enrolment but have not taken any exams or final exams with credits for eight years.

In this event, you should send Student Services the form “Declaration of forfeiture – old system (mod. 014)”

You can download the form from the page Forms for students, in the section Withdrawal, suspension, forfeiture 


Career suspension

You may request suspension of your career, for the entire academic year or for a single semester, in these cases:

  • birth or adoption of a child/children. It must be requested for the year of birth and applies to the academic year in which it is requested; 
  • conditions of serious and prolonged infirmity attested by a medical certificate. It is valid for the academic year in which it is requested and may be extended, if the infirmity persists; c. assistance to a person belonging to the cohabiting household with a serious infirmity, attested by medical certification; 
  • intention to undertake studies at Italian Academies and Military Schools or foreign universities; 
  • intention to enrol in a first or second level university master's degree course, if it is not possible or not intended to take advantage of the possibility of being enrolled at the same time; 
  • performance of compulsory military service in the country of origin (if applicable);
  • performance of universal civil service or European voluntary service;
  • serious changes in the economic and property conditions of the household. 

In these cases, as far as possible, the benefit must be requested within the administrative deadlines set for enrolment in the new academic year, i.e. before renewing enrolment and in any case before paying the first instalment, when due. If the reason for suspension arises after payment of the student contribution, a late application may be submitted.  

Those requesting suspension must send the suspension application to the Student secretariat of their pole of reference with their institutional email address: attach.acronym of their dipartimento @uniupo.it attaching self-certification or the necessary documentation containing all the elements useful to identify the cause of the suspension request.

After submission, the student must

  • for the suspension of the entire academic year, pay the amount of the virtual tax stamp of €16.00 and a contribution of €150.00 that the Student secretariat of their reference centre makes available via the Student Portal; 
  • for a one-semester suspension, pay the amount of the €16.00 virtual revenue stamp and a contribution equal to the first and second instalments of the student contribution. 

Once the suspension is granted, the request cannot be revoked during the academic year. Examinations may not be taken or CFUs acquired during the academic year in question. 

The period of suspension does not count towards the calculation of forfeiture of student status in relation to the course of study suspended.


Leave of absence and restarting

If you interrupted your studies for at least 2 academic years, and wish to re-start your course by registering on the current year, you must pay an acknowledgement fee of € 150 for each suspended academic year  when you were not registered.