Working at the university

The University is not just a place to study, sit exams or take your first steps in the world of research. As a student you can also work, with special contracts such as the 150-hour agreement or voucher payments.

This section provides details on open competitions for various tutoring roles.


Tutoring allowance

To apply for the Call for Tutoring Grants 2023-2024 you have until November 20, 2023 12 noon

Connect to the Student Portal at the link and fill out the application form (path: Secretariat > Student Collaborations - Tutoring Grant sub-context) following the directions in the text of the notice. 

Call 2023-2024 (399.28 KB)

Catalogue 2023-2024


Civilian Service

The new call for young people who want to do community service is out!

The Civil Service has a duration of 12 months, provides 25 hours of activities per week and a monthly contribution of €507.30

As many as 37 places are provided in the projects coordinated by the City of Vercelli on the territory of the province of Vercelli, Novara and Alessandria.

Among the available places, there are 6 places earmarked for UPO offices:

Rectorate - Vercelli (3 places)
Didactics and Student Services Office DSF - Novara (1 place)
Didactics and Student Services Office DIGSPES - Alessandria (1 place)
Didactics and Student Services Office DISIT - Alessandria (1 place)

The call for applications is open until 2 p.m. on February 15, 2024. 

To get more info on the projects of the City of Vercelli and partner institutions and apply:

call or write to Informagiovani of Vercelli ( - 0161 649354)
attend Infodays (find dates at